Where to watch the election results tonight??
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We're on holiday and arranged to meet people to watch the results in a bar. The bar they picked is apparently the only place in the world not interested in the results and is instead showing only hockey. They're from out of town, we're from out of the continent. We're in NY at 33rd and Broadway. Where can we go to watch the results come in at a decent bar with a good atmosphere, preferably where the beer is good. Thank you!
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I'm not in NYC but I found this list of bars showing election results:

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If you are still at 33rd and Bway, one of my children lives in the 30s and 3rd Ave. There are many many bars there showing the results with many many 20 somethings there watching. (This according to my child.)
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Cheers, found a bar, currently wishing we hadn't though. Fingers crossed...
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