How do I left foot accelerator?
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I am looking for a recommendation for a left foot accelerator pedal for a friend who has mobility issues with his right foot. Googling has lead me to several models, and I'd like to hear from anyone who actually uses one.

It would be ideal if it was easily removable so right footers could use the vehicle.

I've been looking at this one for the reason above, but can anyone share their experience? What kind do you use? How well does it hold up to wear and tear? Tips for getting used to left footed driving?

Thanks everyone, and happy election day.
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My 2nd grade teacher was height-challenged so no floor pedals. She had a van where the controls were much like a motorcycle and I loved it in all the wrong ways because I knew I could drive it too.

To me it seems like people who use your friend's car would have an easier time with something like that because you wouldn't reflexively use the wrong foot. That was 1972, I don't know what that cost.
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I use a left foot accelerator. It required 10 hours of training with an adaptive driving specialist and professional installation. Most permanent ones have a fixed component that is bolted into the floor right in front of the pedals, and a removable component that unhooks easily to convert back to right foot acceleration. Temporary ones that are on the market are a huge safety risk and have been involved in several fatal accidents.

The training for use of adaptive equipment is key, usually by an occupational therapist, to identify all issues that may need to be addressed. For instance, during training, it became clear that almost more important than the left foot accelerator is that I need extra magnification mirrors so that I do not have to turn my head (and reflexively the steering wheel) while checking my blind spot.

The laws for using such equipment might be different in your jurisdiction, in terms of training, but most places will require some before you/your friend can legally use it. Your/your friend's primary care physician should have a recommendation for finding an adaptive driving specialist in your area. If not, or you have more questions, feel free to memail me!
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