Trying to find children's book from late-80's-ish?
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A friend of mine recently asked about a children's book that she couldn't remember the name of, but wanted to find it again. She described it and I realized that I ALSO had loved that book and didn't know the name of it. So HELP, AskMefi, you're our only hope.

It's about a girl who is being bullied and dreams of having a tough dog named Shep with her to keep the bullies away.
One day she just can't face her bully so she decides to skip school instead. She hides in a dark closet so she won't be found and eats her sack lunch while hiding. She ends up getting tuna fish in her hair and spends the rest of the day hating the smell, especially after she realizes she has locked herself in and must be rescued.
She finally gets a puppy (which she names Shep) and takes it for a walk in a baby carriage. The bully does not know there is a puppy so grabs the carriage and sends it rolling down a hill. Main character shrieks at her about Shep, they chase it down together. Shep is okay, and they bond over dogs and loneliness. Sound at all familiar to anyone? Google and other resources have not helped me.
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I remember this too! Shep was a cocker spaniel.
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Wendy and the Bullies!
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It is totally Wendy and the Bullies. Thanks!!!!!!!
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