Election watching NYC
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My friends are not political to the extent that watching parties are a thing with them. I've kept up with all the election threads and want to be around people who are fretting the senate races as much as I am (and of course cheering on the big race). Where can I go tonight in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan to be surrounded by people feeling all the election feels?
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I watched a few of the debates at the Grafton in the East Village. A mostly liberal crowd, though some proud Trump supporters show up too. Decent drink specials and good selection. This is where'd I'd be watching if I were in the city tonight. Get there early, it fills up fast!
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Bklynr has a nice roundup. I've been to a bunch of these bars and I'm pretty sure they'll have the vibe you're looking for. I especially <3 Pacific Standard, my pub quiz bar, which is full of political nerds (the winning team last season was Darth Bader Ginsburg).
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Black Forest in Ft Greene is having a thing!
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We're going to Abilene in Carroll Gardens, just a few blocks away from the intersection of President and Clinton Streets, which could become a party later in the evening.
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Brokelyn has another roundup of places.
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The Skint has a round-up too
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Awesome choices! Thanks everyone, back home from work and ready to don my pantsuit....maybe I'll just peek at the election thread(s) first to see how things are going....
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