What channel should I watch election returns on?
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I'm watching the U.S. election returns tonight. What network will have the best anchor, most informative commentators, and accurate calls?
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The most accurate calls won't be on TV, but rather Decision Desk HQ. For anchors, I like MSNBC because of Rachel Maddow (and Chris Matthews is amusingly bonkers). Ringing in the 2012 vote with Maddow was a good time. But YMMV.
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Skip back and forth between channels, especially in between poll closing times. Then keep browser tabs with each channel's website open on your computer.
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Seconding MSNBC for Rachel Maddow, who is the smartest, most level-headed person in cable politics and funny to boot.
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BBC World News America has full-time coverage starting at 1 p.m. PST. Katty Kay is in D.C. anchoring.
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For straight raw numbers, Politico's Presidential Election Results Web page is the best I've found.
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