Where are the catering/events sales jobs in Austin?
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Calling catering/events business folk in Texas: We are planning a move to Austin, TX and are trying to research the job market but can't find any job listings for catering or event sales. What's going on?

Anon because we have not shared our plans with anyone yet. Where we live now, large numbers of the sorts of jobs we seek can be found on Craigslist, Careerbuilder, and other standard help-wanted venues. However, when we search for similar jobs in Austin, TX, we cannot find ANY within the city limits. Literally none.
We'd love to hear from someone in the events/catering business in Austin (which we have every reason to believe is BOOMING along with Hotel, restaurant, and the rest of the hospitality sector) the reason why these jobs are hard to find.
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Try this site: https://austin.poachedjobs.com/

That's where I see foodservice jobs being advertised in the local rag.
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