Article about moving the goalposts of taboo, Republican think tank guy?
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Last-minute U.S. election-related question. I read an article—almost certainly linked from MetaFilter, like most of what I read—that talked about a Republican think tank person who came up with one idea for which he's famous and then died in a private-plane accident. The idea was that you can move the frame of what's considered acceptable in a society by assiduously introducing ideas just outside of the frame of taboo in the direction you want, making those ideas commonplace, and then repeating. Can someone point me to that article? Thanks!
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You are undoubtably thinking of the Overton window.
posted by kickingtheground at 9:44 PM on November 7, 2016

I think you're thinking of the concept of the Overton window. Don't know what article you're referencing.
posted by ClaireBear at 9:50 PM on November 7, 2016

Thanks so much everyone! I must have been thinking of this post, which is actually about Brexit:

Simple to find it once I had the name "Overton." Best answers all around.
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