Online transcribing work - how to tell what's legit?
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Hi guys. I recently posted this ask . I got some really helpful answers, and am on my way to some sort of diagnosis (for the moment, it's 'a hypermobility syndrome, not sure which one, fibromyalgia, and maaaaaybe POTS.' It's a start). I've had to give up my job, and although I'm not really well enough to be applying for a regular job, I do need some kind of income fairly urgently.

I've been looking at online transcriptionist work, which is something I'm well qualified for and could do flexibly from home, but I honestly have no idea which sites are legit or how to tell.
I've had this one recommended to me - any mefites have any experience with it? Has anyone done this kind of work? Any suggestions, tips or Awful Warnings?
I'm not expecting to make much from this - my wife is in work and we're not in immediate danger of being evicted or anything - but if I could make even a useful amount of pocket money, it'd help a lot.
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Response by poster: Sorry - I should have mentioned, I'm in the UK.
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I've made a couple thousand bucks using this year. They are legit.
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Came to recommend Rev also. We public radio folk use it all the time to transcribe our interviews, etc., on deadline. I can't speak to their working conditions but apparently fancypants can!
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I have also used Rev. So far, I like them the best.

I have also gotten jobs with Transcribe Me, Transcription Express, AutomaticSync, 3Play Media and Tigerfish. I did not engage with Transcription Express because they want you to pay money for their "training". I have not completed the training process with Tigerfish yet, so I can't speak to how they are to work for. I did do a little bit for AutomaticSync, but they don't have their own platform and you can't choose what files you want to work on, so I didn't even bother completing their training.

Transcribe Me is just okay. They have their own web-based platform, which I prefer. But they give you whatever job they want you to have, and they chop everything up into 1:30 chunks so you never get a big file at once. They do make you do "tests" to prove you can understand English from the UK, Australia and NZ if you want jobs from those areas.

3Play is what I do mostly now, but that's only because I screwed up something on Rev so they fired me. 3Play is good. They have their own platform, and they allow you to choose what files you want to work on. Their pay rate is also much better than Rev. The reason I like Rev better has to do with their platform, it's just easier to work with, and their variety of content is better, too.

Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Okay, thanks guys, this is really helpful.Sounds like Rev might be one to look at then. Any more recommendations welcome, but this a great start, thank you!
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This blog post has some information about online transcription jobs. (I don't know too much about that website, but the information seems credible). I've heard good things about Rev and TranscribeMe.
Just an FYI: I tried and failed the online app at Rev. I've never done transcription, but I'm a very fast typist and I thought it would be easy. It's not! So just a warning to take the application a little more seriously than I did and be prepared to try a few times. Good luck! I'd be interested to hear how it works out.
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Nthing Rev. If you can commit the time, you can make a few hundred a week.
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Rev, yep, but look around for higher paying transcribing work too.
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