Software that speaks my appointments for the day?
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Calendar software that speaks my appointments, projects, etc for the day?

I am looking for a basic calendar application (groupware, integration with other apps not required) that will use voice synthesis to speak my appointments and other info as I pull my socks on in the morning.

Ideally, I could just flail sleepily at a function key to get the 'daily roundup.' Announcements of birthdays, etc would be a plus, as would the ability to pull in an RSS feed, though that's just icing.

Googling turns up lots of online calendars of speaking events, but I can't seem to find that magic phrase I need. I'm sure this exists since there are APIs that read XML feeds aloud out there.

I found this application (pops) which is kind of close, but it seems to be more cutsey and potentially scary, a la Banzai Buddy.
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You seem to be on Windows, but on the Mac side, it took me about 5 minutes to cobble together a primitive Automator workflow that gets events out of iCal and reads them. It's three steps (get specified iCal items, event summary, speak text).
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Whoops, should have specified that. Yes, I am on windows.
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adamrice: Hey, thanks for the tip. I just did that - works great!
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