Wrong name on new credit account
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I purchased a sectional in October from Jennifer Convertible. Because there was an offer for a year of free financing for qualified customers, I applied for it and received it. I made a deposit payment and planned to set up regular monthly payments so the balance would be paid off before I incurred any finance charges. I was told I'd get information about the balance due and account when the furnitures was delivered. Now I've discovered the account was set up under a different name than mine.

I received delivery on October 23 and haven't received any information about how to set up payments. I made several calls to the store and corporate customer service and sent an email as well to determine how to proceed. It's difficult to communicate with either the local store or corporate office, but I was able to get the number of the bank that provides the financing.

When I spoke to them and told them I never received the account number, they asked for my Social Security number and then reported that the name on the account does not match my name. That made me remember when the store called to set up the delivery, they called me by the correct surname but a different first name. I think this is the name they provided the bank, and the bank set up the account under this name, even though it does not match the social security number.

Now the bank wants me to send them proof of identity and address so they can change the account to my name. Since both the bank and the store have proven sloppy with information handling, I'm not sure I want to provide them any additional information, but I don't know what the alternative it.

I have a call in to the regional manager and my inclination is to advise him he needs to straighten this out without further action on my part, but I don't want to spoil my credit by failing to make payments on the account. (I have plenty of time before anything is due, but eventually there will be a past due balance on the account if I don't take action.)

Any suggestions on how to proceed? (I am not trying to avoid paying the balance.)
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Just give them the updated info. If they have your social security number, they can already get that info anyway via credit reporting.

Also, congratulations, this new name will show up in the aka section of your credit report forever!

The only alternative is to balance transfer the full amount to some other credit source.
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So, bank has an account with name: WrongName, and SSN: RightSSN?

If they have the address right (for the purpose of sending you bills) I wouldn't be too worried. Just pay the bills when they come due. This is especially true if WrongName is a reasonably common nickname for your name.

If, however, the bank thinks that you are WrongName, WrongSSN, I'd make sure that they fix it (by giving them the information they are requesting). Down the line, you don't want anyone thinking that you are on the hook for accounts that WrongName, WrongSSN signs up for (and goodness knows, it would be nice to help WrongName, WrongSSN avoid a weird credit report entanglement through no fault of their own).

Since both the bank and the store have proven sloppy with information handling, I'm not sure I want to provide them any additional information, but I don't know what the alternative it.

I'm not sure how the bank has been sloppy with information handling. It sounds like when you gave them your name and SSN, they stated that the name didn't match, but they didn't give you the actual name, did they? The information that they are asking for also seems appropriate. They know that they approved an account for WrongName, RightSSN (I'm assuming), at RightAddress (I'm assuming) that matches addresses that RightSSN is associated with. Names are weird, and I can see an automated system not caring all that much that the first names didn't match when doing the approval. Now though, you're trying to claim that the name they have is the wrong one -- not that big of a deal, but it makes sense for them to verify that RightName actually lives at RightAddress.
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Escalate and have managers on both ends deal with this. You deserve to feel like this will be handled professionally and completely!
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