YA novel involving immortality via drowning
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In the early to mid-90s, I read a YA novel about a girl (?) from the present day who discovers the existence of two immortal characters (one good, one not so good). The most distinct thing I remember about the novel is that to become immortal, there was some kind of magical/mystical process that involved drowning.

At one point the "good" immortal describes the sensation of drowning to the main character; it was quite vivid, which is probably why it has stuck with me. The rest of the novel, not so much.
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The Immortal by Christopher Pike?
posted by emkelley at 4:27 AM on November 7, 2016

Is it The Tricksters, by Margaret Mahy? I haven't read it, but that sounds familiar based on the excerpt I read.
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I was also wondering if it could be Margaret Mahy, but I was thinking along the lines of The Changeover.
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Reminds me vaguely of Tuck Everlasting. Their immortality came from a magic spring if I recall correctly.
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Best answer: Update: After recalling more details and posting them in a question to SciFi StackExchange, I now know that the book in question is the clunkily-titled The Live-Forever Machine by Kenneth Oppel.
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