Where can I buy Forward Day by Day?
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I need to buy a copy of the new edition of Forward Day by Day from Forward Movement (for November 2016 to January 2017). My church ran out of copies, and there's a man in the congregation who really needs one. I've searched and can't find a place to buy it online, but there must be somewhere I can get my hands on it.
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Have you contacted other Episcopal churches in your area?
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It seems to be available for purchase here.
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Not to threadsit, but the link @epj provided is for subscriptions, and I need to buy the current issue specifically.
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Is there a reason you don't want to email or call the number on their About Us page and as what the procedure might be to purchase one copy of the current issue? It looks like you could also message them via their Facebook page or tweet them, too.
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Our church can probably send you/him/your church one. We always have extras. I put the new ones in the narthex last week and recycled a bunch of the previous issue, so I am pretty sure we can spare one.

Do you need the big one (maybe 5X8ish?) or the small one (3X4ish?)? If it's the small one, we have tons of those - I can pick one up and drop it in the mail today. If it's the big one, I need to ask permission but I still think it's doable.

Anyway, MeMail me with wherever you want me to mail it and which one you want and I'll see what I can do!
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I always assumed that it was only available by institutional subscription. @TWKC thanks for suggesting I call them. I did that, and they are sending me a copy as we speak. @bananacabana Thanks for offering to send me one!
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