Help me find a speculative fiction short story for my father?
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I'm trying to find a science fiction short story my father read back in the '60s.

My father has been wondering about this for a year or more, and I'm finding it hard to google. Last time I had this problem, MeFi came through in about 20 minutes with the game that I was looking for (thank you!).

The plot involves a housewife in the future when robots do all the work, producing goods that humans must consume. I've forgotten the details but the wife is from an upper-class family and married a lower-class man. Lower class people must work harder to consume products than higher; as you ascend the social ladder, you are given more free time from the drudgery of consumption.

Does anyone know the specifics of the author, title and source of this story?
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Possibly The Space Merchants (1952)?
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Perhaps The Midas Plague (1954)?

"In a world of cheap energy, robots are overproducing the commodities enjoyed by mankind. The lower-class "poor" must spend their lives in frantic consumption, trying to keep up with the robots' extravagant production, while the upper-class "rich" can live lives of simplicity."
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Yeah, almost definitely the Midas Plague.

Both stories were by Fred Pohl, ironically.
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