iPhone app the tells me the frequency of a guitar note - does it exist?
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What I want is simple: I pluck the guitar string (or make some other sound), and the app tells me the frequency in Hz.

Ideally, it just displays a number on the screen that it gets by averaging over some time interval. Showing a graph and telling the peak frequency is also acceptable.
I do not need this to be highly sensitive, it is for a science project with kids.

I am finding a lot of apps that sort of halfway do this but they come with way too many bells and whistles. I found an acceptable Android app (Spectrum Analyzer by Keuwlsoft) but nothing for iPhone/iPad.
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I forgot to add that I would prefer a free app but if it costs $1-$2 that's okay as long as I know it works.
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Tunable is the best App I’ve found for this. Paid App available on iOS & Android.
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Not an app but this $10 snark guitar tuner shows the note with a graph / peak frequency. I have one for my ukulele and it is dead simple.
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I use ClearTune for that kind of thing.
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n-Track Tuner (& Spectrum Analyzer) can do this. I've used the free version for iOS, which is ad-supported. There are also free versions for Android and Windows phone.

(There are lots of other choices, but basically I picked their app because n-Track has been around for ages and I knew folks who used their multitracking software.)
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(Btw, the big "Download v8.0.0" link at the top of the n-Track page linked above is for their multitracking software, n-Track Studio. For n-Track Tuner, use the direct link to the App Store.)
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Thanks everyone! Tunable is working well for what I need. Also it's fun!
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