Any Let's Players who are similar to Supergreatfriend?
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I really like Supergreatfriend. Love him. However, when I try to check out other Let's Players, they're not working for me. Do you also love Supergreatfriend and have you also found other tolerable Let's Plays?

To try to provide some specificity, here are things I enjoy about him:

1. No reaction video

2. A focus on narrative-based or moody games (for instance, Deadly Premonitions)

3. A relaxed narration style

4. Very witty, but not goofy

5. I don't have to shut it down because of homophobia, sexism, gaming gatoresqueness

6. They have a library of already-created content

I could go on, but I suspect that people who listen to him will know what I'm talking about. So if you've found other gems, feel free to post. Danke.
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I have quite liked Nakar (Ultima games and a couple other random RPGs, vile sense of humor but not in a way that drove me off) and the Final Fantasy Legend pair by Chokes McGee. I also dug several LPs by Mega64, although I haven't read through them all.
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I enjoy the streams of Christopher Odd and his channel fits your need. He is fairly mature in his attitude, not given to juvenile antics. He cracks a joke once in a while, but doesn't force humor. He pays equal attention to AAA releases and more obscure indie games. He has a lot of already created contents; and I especially enjoys his plays of narrative, horror games like Alien Isolation or Soma. He tends to read aloud the on screen narrative text like in game letters and such, which I enjoy. And unlikely many Let's Play Youtubers, I think his voice is fairly pleasant to listen to.
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You might like Un Played a Thing, who ticks all of your boxes except maybe #2 - but when he does do narrative/moody games (anything from Dark Souls to The Dog Island to Aquanaut's Holiday), he does them very well.
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Cryaotic might fit your criteria.
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I like GELtaz for this sort of thing. He plays survival type games like Subnautica, Ark, and The Forest, but I know him for his LPs and excellent guides to The Long Dark*. Very relaxed and relaxing.

* Well, TLD should be a 'narrative' game eventually. But the sandbox has a fascinating moodiness that is all its own.
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Maybe Many A True Nerd? I think his channel ticks all of your boxes, though I'm not 100% certain I'd describe his narration style as "relaxed" -- he does occasionally get a bit ranty or sarcastic if the situation warrants. He gained a bit of Internet fame a while back for successfully completing a "You Only Live Once" (permadeath, no healing of any kind) run of Fallout: New Vegas. He does a good mix of AAA titles and indies, and seems to particularly enjoy RPGs and RTS sorts of games.

Oh, and seconding Christopher Odd.

Disclaimer: I don't have any previous knowledge of Supergreatfriend, and only watched a couple of his videos to try and get a feel for his style.
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Niggurath comes pretty close to scratching all the same itches that Supergreatfriend does. His focus is mainly on survival horror.
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