Cold weather iphone and headphone use
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Can you help winterize my iphone for cold weather use (and quick battery drain), and find some new earbuds for running or general outdoor listening use?

Mornings are getting cool, and my iphone's 6's lithium-ion battery is beginning it's rapid battery drain because of it. It stays charged fine when it's in a bag or on a belt close to my body, but taking it out to do other things drains it quickly. Are there any cases that help keep your phone warm, when used outside in cold weather? As ridiculous as this sounds, how do I winterize my iphone?

I also need some new earbuds/headphones for running. I'm currently using Apple earbuds paired with Yurbud covers (I can't stand how quickly Yurbud wires crap out on me, Apple's last longer). The Yurbud covers stay in my ears wonderfully, but often slip or stretch off the the Apple earbuds. I also often permanently lose the Yurbud cover when I remove them temporarily, which is incredibly annoying.

I don't mind a wire - so wireless isn't something I'm after. I always use the little remote on the Apple earbuds, so that's an essential quality I'd like. I'm tired of crappy earbuds crapping out on me though! Any recommendations for something that will stay in my ears like the Yurbud covers, but has an easy remote for music listening, but also won't have one earbud die all of the sudden?
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I use earbuds that have an over the ear attachment likes these.

How do you carry your phone when you run? I keep mine close to my body in the winter. If I think I'm going to be sweating a lot, I use a sandwich bag (sealable but thin) to keep any dampness out. The touch screen is still operable through the baggie.
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I love my FlipBelt.
It keeps my phone warm and easy to access, and i prefer it to arm bands or other pockets.
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Response by poster: I run with my phone in a Spibelt, which keeps my phone warm and charged while it's close to my own body heat. But I'm seeking out ideas for avoiding cold weather battery drainage while using the phone in my hands, and out of a pocket - texting, taking a photo/video, using any number of apps etc. This knucklehead would love any leads or suggestions!
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I'll be honest, I run all winter in the Northwest Territories and I've never had significant temperature-based issues with battery life. How much use are you putting your phone through in open air?
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Can't say I'be ever noticed diminishing battery life in winter and I live in Central Europe and use my phone on drafty train platforms and to navigate all year round.

For headphones that stay put I love my Bose ones. They were pricey but they are the only ones I've found to date that don't constantly fall out of my ears.
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I think you have a battery issue, I use my phone skiing all the time and unless it's below 0 I don't see much difference in battery life using it occasionally as described in your post. I have an htc, not a iphone but most of my friends have iphones and it doesn't seem to be a huge issue for them either. Most people text throughout their lift ride for example.
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As a data point, if you google it, there are lots of reports about odd phone behaviour in cold weather. I have two phones (one work one personal) and it happens with both when it is very cold, i.e. -20C and I take the phone out a lot. The battery doesn't actually drain, i.e. once the phone warms up there is lots of charge, but the phone will shut off. I think once a heat warning message came up. I assumed that was supposed to be an extreme temperature warning.

I just don't take pictures in really chilly weather (or I carry my standalone camera) and I set up all the stuff I need to listen to before I leave the house. As long as the phone is warm, I don't have an issue.
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I use Earhoox, which are little silicone arms that fit onto Apple earbuds. Mine have almost never fallen off (either my ears or my earbuds) -- certainly not while running or general use. I haven't removed them for months at a time. There are likely several products like this -- all relatively inexpensive for something that you'd use daily.
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I don't think the OP is in -20 weather though as they describe mornings as getting cool here in November. All batteries drain at -20.
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