My grocery list is a disaster! iCloud woes
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in iCloud (calendar, reminders) text is autofilling, how to stop? (MacBook and iphone)

I have an iphone and a Macbook. I use the calender and reminders in iCloud on both.

On the Mac - When I try to change the name of a calender, it accepts my edit but when I leave that field, this text string automatically appears.

I have a similar problem on the mac in reminders, that text string shows up a lot! When I enter a new item, the text string appears (even before I leave the field) Also, if I click on a line item (to edit it), the text just appears there as I click.

On the mac under keyboard/text, I can't find that text string.

Where else can I look to get to rid of it? In case it matters, the text string is my iCloud email address.

Thank you for any pointers.
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the lack of responses probably means that your question is worded in a way that makes it difficult to diagnose. I would suggest a visit to an Apple Genius at an Apple store who can work with you to resolve this issue.
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A bit of a long shot:
Do you have some sort of password manager set up to autofill your iCloud username/password? I've had issues where I didn't bother to figure out what URLs were the signin page and which were not, and just put in something like "*", and then my password manager would fill in the username/password on any page on that site that had a password field, even if it wasn't really a login page. Since it wasn't a login page, the username would sometimes overwrite other fields on the page where the password manager (incorrectly) guessed the username was supposed to go.

In my experience, some sites always have the login box in the page code, and make it invisible if you're already logged in, but the password manager still sees it. Other sites used 'password' fields to input credit card numbers, SSNs, or other stuff, and the password manager would stick my password there, and the username somewhere else, possibly over the top of some field I was trying to actually use.
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I think I found the term I needed to find help - oddly enough this issue is called zombie text replacement.

I haven't fixed it yet, but I've got something to go on now. Thanks

the password manager thing is very interesting!
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