Charcuterie help
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First attempt, this is after ten days. Small spots of mould starting to appear. Ruined? What should I do? Is it salvageable?
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It's duck breast, forgot to mention.
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So knowing the little I do about charcuterie, should it not be done in very cool, very dry spaces? I'm thinking your kitchen is not the best place for this.
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It was hanging in my cool, dry storage room.
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It should be fine. Hams and prosciuttos often develop mold while curing. Ruhlman mentions on his site that "All mold except for chalky white mold should be immediately removed from the meat with a brine or with vinegar. It does not mean that you should throw it away. But be if mold has been allowed to grow for a long time, it can penetrate the meat. Use your common sense."

You'll cut off the outer layer before eating anything--I think that you're fine.
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Yeah, that's not a problem. Spray it with a 50/50 vinegar solution and wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.
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Wiped the white spots away and it's delicious. Thanks!
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For future reference is a pretty active sub.
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