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Your best recommendations for vegan food in Paris, please. Not looking so much for Michelin-rated/high-end suggestions (although those are fine, too).

Bonus points for suggestions that (1) you have actually tried; (2) are convenient to central Paris/metro/especially Montmartre; and (3) will not cause us to run out of money after a few meals.

If you have other tips for being a vegan in Paris, feel free to mention them, too. If it matters, my French-speaking ability is super, super limited. Also, we plan to travel via public transit and will not have a car.
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Le Grenier De Notre Dame Restaurant Végétarian 18, rue de la Bucherie 75005
and another location at 17, Rue des 2 Ponts, 75004 - very good food, awesome location (very close to Shakespeare and Company and the cathedral).

I have a _huge_ list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants I made in 2009; I can send it if you want.
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L'as du Falafel!
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I went by Café Pinson and had a great lunch while I was there.
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Seconding Le Grenier.
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Tien Hang in rue Bichat. vegetarian but can make everything vegan ... delicious. fake meat if you like that kind of thing. have you checked out Happy Cow? Bon appétit !
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Seconding the happy cow app for any traveling vegetarian or vegan.
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Le Potager du Marais is near the Centre Pompidou. We ate there last summer and it was fantastic.
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South Indian food to the rescue.
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One place that we loved was heading to Un Monde Vegan grocery store to stock up on vegan cheeses, fake deli meats and other snacks that we could have on hand as we explored the city or hung out in a park with some bread.

Pinson felt overrated and somewhat precious in their attitude. But, check out Brasserie Lola, which has 2 locations. They don't really advertise outside that they're vegan, but all their foods is well-priced and they served one of the best kebab's I've ever had. The other items were also great.
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