Cheap breakfast in New York?
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I'm in New York City and I'm hungry. What's a good, cheap place for breakfast?
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Get yourself to Floridita, 3219 Broadway at 129 St.

Great Cubanos, fried eggs, tortillas (the egg kind), cafe con leche, various desserts. All super cheap.
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Veselka, Union Square.
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WTF? Any little coffee stand will sell you a bagel and a schmere, egg on a roll, or croisant. Whatsa matter with you? This ain't good enough? It's good enough for a New Yorker.
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Response by poster: I'm in S. Bronx, but willing to take the subway anywhere in manhattan, at least. I think I'm going to take the Floridita suggestion.
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Response by poster: I'm in the biggest fucking city in the country, Goofyy. I want to eat somewhere interesting.
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Might be late for breakfast, but if you'll be around tomorrow, The Hungarian Pastry Shop wouldn't be too far of a trek from the Bronx.
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Actually, don't mind me... the Hungarian Pastry Shop has good stuff all day long. I didn't realize you just posted this a half hour ago. I still have my MeFi preferences set for Pacific Time.
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Veselka is in the East Village, not Union Square, but it's a good call. Also good for breakfast, New York-style, locations approximate:
Pick-a-Bagel, 57th and 7th
EJ's, 3 locations around town
Barney Greengrass, 87th and Amsterdam (also the Carnegie and Second Avenue delis)
Jerry's, Spring and Wooster
Mayrose, 21st and Broadway
Coffee Shop, 16th and University (not so cheap)
Balthazar (not so cheap but great for breakfast)
And probably 30 other places I'm forgetting thus far.
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Bubby's in TriBeCa -- freaking delicious.
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Tlogmer: Color me jealous.

I'm out of the country for 7.5 years. I'd pay a lot for something as bland and basic as a Denny's Grand Slam. Or just to sit down and be served some reasonable American pancakes w/trimmings. And my own pancakes are better than any I've ever had out!
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Cheap breakfasts:

CHEAPEST: Any corner deli will sell you scrambled eggs on a roll, with or without meat and/or cheese, or a bagel with a schmear, and a cup of strong coffee for a few bucks. This (or the even more minimal bagel and coffee from a street cart) is the breakfast of the True New Yorker. For the echt NYC experience, order your coffee 'regular' (milk, two sugars); for more sugar, ask for "light and sweet," which can go up to four(!) sugars. NYC mornings are powered by caffeine and sucrose.

AFFORDABLE: Any decent diner or coffeeshop will cook you a decent hot breakfast to order, with coffee, circa ten bucks per person, maybe a little more. (In the Village, I like the Village Den, the Bus Stop, Joe Jr., EJ Lunchonette, and French Roast, in ascending order of expense.)

GOOD weekday breakfasts (this leaves out weekend brunch culture entirely), but potentially expensive:

My short list would include Balthazar, Barney Greengrass, Bubby's, Florent (open 24 hours), Good Enough To Eat, Kitchenette, Norma's, the Second Ave Deli and Veselka.
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Aaahhhh...the Hungarian Pastry Shop. My first NYC local haunt. It was my living room for five years. If you get there early enough in the morning the croissants will still be fresh. Later in the day, the Napoleon is quite tasty. Sometimes when they're feeling adventuous they'll whip up some Josephine. Be sure to tip the ladies behind the counter well. Especially Fana .
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Grab the A train down to 14th Street and hit La Bonbonniere, a greasy spoon on 8th Avenue just past Jane Street. It's a ramshackle, local, delightful greasy spoon. Get the Challah French Toast. A big breakfast with coffee will run you about $7.
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PS: Second Avenue Deli would normally be a good recommendation, but they're closed for renovations.

I second nominations for Bubby's, Veselka and EJ's. Popover Cafe might be a good place, too.

Also, Cafe Lalo on the UWS does some really good omelettes, steamed a la cappucino--no oil or butter.

I had another thought: Sarabeth's at the Whitney.
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I'm hungry now.
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Oops. I guess I was wrong about the renovations at 2nd Ave. Deli.
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There's a little Cuban hole-in-the-wall on the south side of 46th between Sixth and Seventh (El Margon, I think it's called) that has fantastic, cheap breakfasts and lunches (try the Cuban sandwich if you're not hungry enough for one of the platters).
/intense nostalgia
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Gothamist just posted your question. I imagine other people might chime in on that site, too.
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Cross pollination.
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The Noho Star, corner of Bleeker and Lafayette. Great breakfast, nice setting, decent prices.

I haven't been in ten or so years but I used to hit this place two, three times a week.
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Holy Crap, Mamoun's! (see picture here) for $2.50 you get the _best_ falafel sandwich in all of New York. 119 MacDougal St, New York 10012 - Btwn Bleecker & W 3rd St. I am pretty sure they never close either.

Here's New York Mag's best 101 Restaurants - all price ranges.
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Falafel sandwich for breakfast? Well, to each his own. But Mamoun's is not the best in NYC, Moishe's falafel cart at the southeast corner of Sixth and 46th is. Compare and see.
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Best falafel
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Edison Café at 47th just west of Broadway has great AM fare and is famous for its interior. Get the matzoh brei!
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Response by poster: Holy shit; I'm set for the rest of the trip. (I tried to go to Floridita but forgot to take the directions with me and got off at 137th instead of 129th. (Took WCityMike's suggestion and went to McDonalds. (The chicken sandwich was tasty and the coke was carbonated. Good view from the second floor. Bonus points for the guy behind the counter trying to talk to me in spanish. Three stars.))
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Shopsins in the West Village.. if you dont mind getting your own coffee and being yelled at, it's a fun experience.
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