What this place needs is some jawas
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Here's the plan—we get pairs of red LEDs, battery powered, with little speakers that make jawa noises. Then we disperse them throughout that space in back that's just piles of old office equipment. What's the best way to achieve this critical mission?
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Adafruit makes an Arduino compatible speaker shield.

This speaker "leaf" might end up being more cost effective (Arduino/Raspberry Pi).

Regardless, hooking up LEDs to a cheap development board of any stripe should be trivial, so the speaker+audio processing is the only real trick.
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Buy recordable birthday cards and leds and batteries.


Sparkfun has good tutorials on simple circuits and good training on parallel vs. series for DC current.
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Not an answer but a tip: you don't want red LEDs, you want amber.

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I think you need some kind of motion sensor to set it off, though.
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Ok I just made a jawa costume for halloween. These are the lights I used.
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Yeah, regular LEDs are probably too small and intense than what you're looking for. You'd have to put some cotton balls or something on them to diffuse the light. Recordable birthday cards + rapidseque's lights is probably the easiest option, unless you want to arduino-ify the thing for a more permanent fixture.
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