Question about the end of 'It's Alive'
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I have a question about the end of the classic and underrated 1974 Larry Cohen movie 'It's Alive'.

When they're all at the sewer exit, and the cops have Frank surrounded, and he's kinda change his heart, and the cops are about to open fire, does Frank throw the baby at the doctor (because the doc is sorta sleazy) or did the baby jump out of his arms (and land on the doctor intentionally, bc the doc is sorta sleazy, or as a happy accident / filmic justice)?
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It's been 702 million years since I saw this, but my recollection is that the baby launched itself.
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The jump attack was the closest thing Monster Baby had to a Signature Move.
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It's on YouTube!

Yeah, not only is that the "signature move," but the dad is struggling to hold on to the baby just before it leaps. IRL, the actor throws the prop, so I think that's your confusion.
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