will LA for snacks and wrestling
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First time to LA this weekend!! ISO best eats, art, and maybe also lucha?

So this is my first time in LA (so excited!!), and I'll be staying near S Broadway and 7th, and looking for amazing local snacks, modern art, and maybe some wrestling / lucha, if there's any awesome events on Saturday or Sunday.

I love food *so* much, and am so curious about what the neighbourhood has to offer. I'd like to spend as little time running around town as possible, so if there are things handy to where I'm staying, that'd be so great to know! Good cocktails, innovative eats (cheap or expensive), special places that maybe only locals would have on their radar.

If you happen to know of any local wrestling events this weekend, I would love to hear about them! :)
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It looks like Lucha Underground is having a live show in Escondido tomorrow. If you're up for the drive, I'm sure it will be great.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for other listings.

I'm not a local, so I'll leave it to the locals to suggest other places. LA is weird. I always have a great time there when I'm with someone who knows how to get around. But on my own, I'm lost.
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Oh, and for art, the LACMA is great. I usually end up spending most of a day there when I'm in LA.
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Badmaash for modern Indian food!

Grand Central Market for new and OG food stalls.

Both are in the area.
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Check out the Downtown News. Also Yelp's reviews.
And The Broad is a great museum.
LuchaVaVoom is a great show--wrestling, burlesque and comedy.
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My personal favorite at GCM is the won ton soup at China Cafe. Many weekend mornings I take public transportation from the far reaches of Santa Monica just to eat it.

Oh, and those freaking rib tips from the BBQ place omg.
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LA Downtowner is good for food and events.

Secret Chinese Delivery is a couple of blocks down from where you'll be staying and is quite tasty.
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Wurstkuche on 3rd St in the Arts District is near you. Amazing beer and sausages. (Warning: hipsters)

Also, The Pie Hole on the next block serves great Australian meat pies.

For pure architectural delight, check out Union Station. A block away from that is Philippe's- home of the original French Dip sandwich. Get a double dipped lamb sandwich and avail yourself of the crazy hot mustard.

Chinatown is also nearby and has a certain appeal. Long's Family Pastry has the best shiu Mai and bao, but is really only for take away. For a great dim sum experience, you'll have to travel out of downtown to Alhambra to Ocean Star. Duck House in Monterey Park serves the best Peking Duck I have ever had.

Also, there are a million wonderful AYCE Korean BBQ places in K-town and scattered throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Sorry no links - on my phone.
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I think it's unlikely that you can get a ticket to The Broad unfortunately, I just checked and they are booked until at least 11/15.

If you go to the LACMA make an effort to find Levitated Mass, it took me a while and I flew to LA specifically to see it.

Also, I enjoy LA so much more if I walk or take public transportation. It's just calmer.
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Jonathan Gold's 101 best restaurants in LA is a great way to find awesome food. Every restaurant I've been to on that list has been pretty great.
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The Broad has a stand-by line, and I hear that it's not usually too much of a wait (although I'm not sure about weekends). MOCA is also across the street from the Broad.

There is a farmer's and craft market on Sunday between Broadway and Main on 5th St. It's also ShopWalk this weekend, so there will be a lot of vendors set up inside the Spring Arcade building (entrances are on Broadway and Spring just north of 6th St). The Rock 'n Roll Flea Market is also going on at the Regent Theater (Main St, north of 5th).

Yelp's Passport to the Historic Core is going on right now, so you can check that for special events and deals in the neighborhood.
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention The Last Bookstore at 5th and Spring, and the Spring Arts Collective on the second floor that has a number of studios and galleries. You can find more galleries in the neighborhood listed on Downtown Art Walk website (the art walk is this Thursday, but a number of the galleries are open on the weekends). These Days, Ren Gallery and Hive Gallery & Studios are ones I would particularly recommend.
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