Why does red wine make me overheat?
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Why does red wine make me overheat?

I can (and do) drink virtually anything will little to no ill effects. Bourbon is my drink of choice. But when I drink red wine, I get uncomfortably, break out into a sweat, hot. I don't "flush" or get red faced. I get all over hot.

No problem with white wine, beer, virtually any other form of alcoholic beverage. What's going on?
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Maybe it's romance you're feeling?
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I have no answer, but I just want to say that the same thing happens to me and I've wondered why, as well. Someone once told me it was the sulfites, but there are sulfites in white wine, too. And I don't have a problem with white wine. I look forward to other responses.
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does tea have the same effect?
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An allergy to something in red wine perhaps? Sulfites, tannins, histamines, prostaglandins? IANAD, this is just a guess after some quick googling.
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In fact, white wines are generally higher in sulfites than red wine. So that's not your problem.

Not to be alarmist, but googling for "red wine flush overheat" turns up a lot of links for rosacea which specifically mention red instead of white wine. I found this quote:

"If you're going to drink wine, the last thing you want is red wine. Go with white instead, " says Dr. Wilkin. The coloring in red wine comes from grape skins, which contain chemicals that contribute to flushing"

This doesn't mean you have rosacea, of course. It just means that red wine has been identified as something that makes people get red in the face and overheat.
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Could be Red Wine Headache. try aspirin before drinking.
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Another -- Red Wine Mystery.
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I used to drink wine. This girl asked me, "Doesn't wine give you a headache?"

"Yeah, eventually, but the first and the middle part are amazing!"

I'm not gonna stop doing something 'cause of what's gonna happen at the end. "Mitch, you want an apple?" "No, eventually it'll be a core."

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rxrfrx - weird.
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Just to chime in -- I have the exact same issue with red wine. The effect is most noticeable if I'm trying to fall asleep. No other kind of alcohol causes the same problem for me.
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I'd guess tannins rather than sulfites which is what bobot and andrew were referring to I think.
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Response by poster: No problems with tea or allergies of any kind. And no headache. I just get REALLY hot. And fast.

Now here's some additional info. After it passes, maybe forty-five minutes to an hour, I can continue drinking red wine with no further effects.

And I don't think it's rosacea - I don't have any flushing or skin symptoms. I just get hot.

Glad to hear it's not just me, though.
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cptnrandy, are you of mostly Asian or Native American background? There's some background here.
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Response by poster: Nope - and I had thought about mentioning that in my post.

Mostly Irish, with a bit of German from way back.

Unless Grandma wasn't telling the whole story . . .
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I get that too -- hot and disproportionately dehydrated. (Ashkenazi Jewish background.)
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