Guitar tab "format"
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Is there such a thing as a widely used guitar tab file format, and associated software? There seems to be everything on the net from text files with just letters to proper sheet music with the guitar tab written underneath and I'm getting a bit lost.

I'm working through the beginner lessons on Guitar Tricks and each practice piece comes with a Guitar Tab 6 file. When I've been looking round on the internet for easy practice pieces there seems to be a profusion of different formats, from text files to propitiatory web front ends.

In an ideal world, I'd like to be able collect a bunch of songs into a virtual song book, preferably in both stave and tab format, on my mac book. If Guitar Pro 6 is the de facto standard, am happy to pony up for the software, but it seems a bit overkill for what I want. I'd also like an android app that will sync the collection
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Guitar Tab Pro seems to have become a de facto standard, is my impression.

Soundslice is pretty nice, but it looks like it is used for mostly commercial lessons, not amateur transcriptions.
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TablEdit (.tef) files might be one option. They allow for standard and tab notation.

TablEdit lets you create them, and comes as a desktop version for Mac and Windows, and there's a "lite" app version. You have to pay for it. It's got a free demo version.

But TefView is the free viewer, and there's an Android app version of that as well.
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TablEdit/TefView, as mandolin conspiracy says. There is also the ChordPro format, with an open source project called Chordii
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PowerTab is a free alternative to GuitarPro and while it was never as widespread, it certainly used to be pretty widely used on the Web some years ago.
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I just copy and paste into plain text files, using a monospace font and keep them in a DropBox folder.
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GuitarPro and TEF.

Power Tab Editor seems to be developed as open source now. It can import GuitarPro. I only keep TuxGuitar around because it can read TEF (what all banjo players seem to use) and export to something else; my Tabledit licence disappeared with an old iBook years ago.
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