Where's a good beginner swing dancing class in Boston?
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My parter is an experienced (and patient) swing dancer and I'd like to learn, so I'm looking for a class that gives a gentle intro for people with no experience and plenty of time to practice. Anywhere in Boston accessible by Ⓣ is good; bonus for near JP or the orange line.
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Ryles Dance Hall (the upper floor of Ryles Jazz Club) seems to still do swing/salsa lessons on certain Saturday nights, including this coming Saturday. It's very much a no-experience-assumed environment, and there will be other folks on your skill level to pair up with if you go alone. Or go with your partner, that's fine as well.

The Ryles dance nights are hosted by SuperShag, so you could also go direct to the source for lessons from them.

DanceSport Boston is the husband/wife dance team I learned from myself (via lessons at BU), although their studio is out in Weymouth, so it might not work for you.
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There are classes at MIT that would be a reasonable introduction and anyone interested would be quite welcome from my experience.
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I used to do a lot of swing dancing in Boston.

I think the best place to learn is Boston Lindy Hop.
Another good option is Boston Sweing Central.
The MIT Swing dance group (every wednesday) has the advantage of being free, but the disadvantage that it relies on volunteer teachers so the quality can be pretty mixed (some awesome teachers, some are less experienced)

Unfortunately most of the swing dancing is Boston is centered along the red line.
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