Treo 700w Bluetooth Handsfree?
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Does anyone know if the new Treo 700w supports Bluetooth Handsfree dialing?

I have a Treo 650, and I love my Bluetooth headset, but unlike a Motorola phone I used to have I can't actually use the headset to voice-dial names or numbers. On the 650, you can answer and hang up the phone via the headset, but you can't actually place calls. The technology is all a little over my head. The 700 supposedly came out today... any die-hard Treo users know the scoop??
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I don't know the answer, but you can most likely find it on the TreoCentral Treo 700w discussion board. Seems a few of those folks are already using a 700w.
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Treo700w definitely supports BT headsets. I'm 95% certian you can train it to voice tags.
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Daver, the problem is, the 650 supports BT headsets...just not BT voice dial.
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Windows Mobile 5 with the commercial Microsoft speech command program will support voice dialing without pre-recorded tags. With nearly all WM5 phones, the speech recognition is supported over BT, so you should be fine.

It works on my K-JAM (which, actually, I'm about to sell so I can go back to my Treo 650). If you do a lot of e-mail, try using ChatterEmail for your Treo 650 before you consider switching to the 700w. Also: The 700w has a lower resolution screen, and you'll likely find it to be significantly slower than the 650 when joining the network, and when switching applications. It's best if you could find a store with a liberal returns policy before committing to a 700w.
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