Supportive NYC tax expert needed to help sort out my tangled mess
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After years of struggling (and slowly failing) as a freelancer, I finally have a decent job and some savings. I also have a huge tax debt, including a few unfiled years for both the IRS and NYS. Can you recommend a tax expert in NYC (or nearby) to assist me in getting out from under? I'm looking to file returns and work out payment plans, as well as get on track for the future. I feel intense, paralyzing shame about this, and I really need someone who won't add to that with lectures or chastisement. Thank you!
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the folks at have taken good care of me and my spouse for the last 5 years - they specialize in freelancers and less traditionally employed folks (although we don't fit that definition) and are incredibly nice. we've been with russ since it was just him and occasional help from his dad, but he now has a couple of staff folks to help him out also as his business has grown.
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SJ Tax Associates did this for me and were excellent. I found the IRS and NYS tax authorities to be really understanding once we reached out to them – they just want to get tax money from you, and are pretty flexible about how that happens.
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Came here to say as well. I am in NYC and they have helped me with complicated tax returns in the past and are terrific to work with, and won't shame you!
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Brasstaxes all the way.
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Release yourself of shame. Money is just money. Trying to earn a living is tough. Shit happens. Accountants have seen far worse. The government is actually delighted to work out a payment plan. I had a huge tax bill the first year of freelancing after getting layed off. This was years ago and I didn't know much about freelancing and taxes or saving money or anything. It took another full year before I worked out a payment plan and when I started it was like $50 a month. We owed like $4000. Eventually, employment got worked out and I was able to pay it off in one go but the whole thing took like 3 years. My accountant was sympathetic and helpful. No shame! I hear the Republican nominee declares bankruptcy likes it's a civic duty or something! Don't let money shame hold you back from getting your financial life sorted.
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trust me - any accountant has seen it ALL. Most small businesses get jammed up with taxes and record-keeping at some point or another.

(when I read that first sentence back to myself, I heard it in Donald Trump's voice)
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