Windows 8 app that works like Colors! for Nintendo et al.
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I inherited a Surface 3. I'd love to use it to draw, and specifically to draw and be able to replay the course of the drawing. The old homebrew app for Nintendo DS Called "Colors!" did exactly what I want. Is there a Windows 8 clone?

The Colors! wikipedia page says that Colors! is available for Windows (yay!) but their website doesn't (boo!)
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OpenCanvas 1.1 can do this through its Event File system, but it's not a native Windows 8 app. I can't vouch for it working with the pen on the Surface, but it's a free download so you might as well give it a shot?
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I don't know of an app that does this as an all-in-one package (aside from the aforementioned OpenCanvas), but you could pick a paint program and use a screen recording program to record a video of the process, perhaps. Windows 10 has a recording facility built in.
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