Donating to Fight Voter Suppression in the Home Stretch
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Donating to Fight Voter Suppression in the Home Stretch: In the hands of what group will my money do the most immediate good to make sure that targets of voter suppression in the US will get to vote?

We're getting down to the wire, and I'd like to put some cash toward voting rights information, get-out-the-vote efforts for underserved communities, and generally counteracting voter suppression in the US.
I'm currently leaning toward The League of Women Voters, (due in part to the answers to this previous question,) but wanted to see if there were any other groups — perhaps hyper-local in particularly suppressed areas — worth considering.
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NAACP has a voting rights option to direct your money to, and they are actively working on NC suppression.
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The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law helps run a voting rights project [that, full disclosure, I am volunteering for on election day]. They partner with grassroots state programs and have a national hotline-and-most importantly, I think, spend a lot of time documenting polling problems before and on election day so there's a solid record of problems [they also help fix them in real time]. This matters because you need this sort of record to successfully litigate voting rights violations.
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Seconding Election Protection. They do great work.
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(Full disclosure on my part, my dad regularly volunteers with them.)
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Can someone point me to the NAACP voting rights option mentioned by zutalors!? I can't find it on their site.
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