Where to find Italian speaking psychotherapists in Atlanta, GA area?
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Where can I look for an Italian-speaking psychotherapist in the Atlanta area?

I am attempting to locate a psychotherapist for an adolescent fluent in Italian but who speaks very basic English and who residing in the metro Atlanta area. Ideally someone focusing on trauma. I'm not sure where to look for someone who would meet these criteria. Any ideas on resources to tap into in our search for the elusive, Atlanta-area Italian-speaking psychotherapist? Will also welcome recommendations should anyone know/of the elusive psychotherapist themselves. Thank you!
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Brandy Smith. (I'm not a client, but I knew her when she lived in Italy; as a fellow therapist, I'd absolutely recommend her, based on my knowledge of her as a person.) Her Psychology Today profile lists Italian as a language she uses professionally.
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If the person is insured, you can try calling the insurance company. Providers often list languages spoken, and the insurer will usually have that on file.
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Thank you so very much for the good ideas and for the recommendations! We really appreciate it! The AskMeFi community is amazing!
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