Where can I buy unbranded pre-packaged trail mix?
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I'm contemplating starting a small business, selling a kind of a gift box, with multiple items included. I'm considering the possibility of including a small package of trail mix in the larger gift box. Where can I shop for small packages of unbranded trail mix?

I'd originally considered purchasing small resealable Mylar bags from Uline and filling them myself. But then I realized I need nutritional information on these if they are being sold, even as just a small snack inside a much larger box of items.

I'm thinking of snack packs about the size of 100 calorie packs, so just a few ounces. I'd like to brand them myself with small vinyl stickers.

Where would I buy these?
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I would check with vending machine supplier.
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Instead of searching for unbranded bags and putting stickers on them, it would be MUCH easier to search online for websites that produce promotional items for trade shows, and order some that already have your branding on them. (Just google "promotional items" and "trail mix" - it works better if you do it yourself because Google will show you relevant local results.)

However, things I've ordered this way have not always had nutritional info on them, so if that is what you're after....I don't know if that would help. You should be able to ask for a sample, though, so you can see what they look like before placing an order.
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I don't know if they're the best choice, but Woodstock Farms was the top hit when I googled "private label trail mix," private labeling being the term for what you want to do.
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Bulk food stores in my area have nutritional info for all products, if it comes to that.
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Yep, "private label" is the term you're looking for, or "white label."
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If you go to Trader Joe's, their individually-sized trail mix packages are packed in an outer bag that has branding, but all the individual bags inside are un-branded.
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As a data point, if I received a gift box, I'd be more comfortable eating a branded bag of trail mix than one that was unbranded.
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