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Does anyone still make nice but cheap loose-fitting casual pants for men anymore? It seems like everyone is on the super-slim trendy bandwagon, and I hate that. I'd like a fuller cut, more info inside.

I don't like pants that make me feel constricted. I'm not looking for JNCOs or anything, but I need a pant that has a high rise, roomy hips, and straight, wide leg. 1990s style, think Ross from Friends. The closest I've found so far is the Old Navy loose fit, which is pretty close. My problem with those is that they don't offer many styles, just plain khakis. I'd like more variety, definitely corduroys (trouser-style, not jean-style), some field pants or canvas carpenter pants, maybe a cargo pant. A fairly wide selection of colors is important, too. Definitely dark khaki and olive green, maybe brown, navy, and gray. (Old Navy's color selection is pretty basic.) And I'd prefer something fairly cheap. I'm familiar with Bills Khakis, but I don't want to spend $150 on a single pair of pants. I'd like to keep it under $50 per pair and preferably even less than that. But I don't want them to feel cheap. I felt a pair in Target the other day that was so thin that I was afraid they'd wear a hole just by touching them. No weird polyesters or no-iron chemicals, either.

This sounds like a lot to ask when you type it out like that, but I don't think I'm asking for too much, am I? Loose-fitting, reasonably priced pants in a variety of styles and colors.

For reference, the Old Navy Broken-In Loose chinos are my favorites so far. I don't wear jeans often, but the Levi's 569 Loose fit is my favorite (although a little wider leg would make me happier). I've had good luck in the past with Izod, although they seem to have change their fit recently to a slimmer fit that I don't like as much. I also wear the Woolrich Milestone pant, which is just a tad too constrictive. My all-time favorites were American Eagle pants from the early 2000s, and the Gap Outlet Favorite Khaki from around 2008-2009, but both of those are long gone.

Some pants I've tried that I don't like are LL Bean traditional fit (very constrictive in the crotch), Gap standard fit (too narrow in the leg), J Crew relaxed fit (which they don't even make anymore), Dockers D2, and Lands End traditional fit (which actually fit OK, just seemed strangely proportioned - stubby legs).

Any recommendations?
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This is the kind of pants my brother prefers to wear. Look for working pants brands, like Carhartt and Dickies. No-frills well-constructed pants at a very reasonable price point. Dickies will probably have a wider variety of colors available, since a large part of their business caters to standardized clothing for employees.
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Have you tried Uniqlo? They're generally known for slimmer-fitting stuff of the sort you do not want, but I have put back many pairs of slacks/chinos/etc. (in my size) after trying them on because they were either way too wide in the leg or hip area. It's winter now, so they def. have their thicker-material stuff out too.
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Dockers D2, and Lands End traditional fit (which actually fit OK, just seemed strangely proportioned - stubby legs).

Can you elaborate what you mean by "stubby legs?" If, by that, you mean you're an in-between size with regards to inseams, I suggest you get over to Amazon. I was able to order Dockers in an in-between inseam that fits me perfectly.
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I swear by Duluth Trading Company at this point. They make cargos work pants, and jeans like Carhartt/Dickies, as well as more office-y khakis and stuff. All of their clothing (for men, at least) uses something they call "tradesman's fit", which is pretty much "relaxed fit" but a little more forgiving. As a largish guy, it's really, really nice to have pants that fit my waist comfortably without balooning out in the seat or hanging low in the crotch.

(Though I'll warn that all the Duluth clothing comes with gusseted crotches and sleeves. I find them to be a selling point for the extra freedom of movement, but YMMV. Just go to any of their item pages, and you'll see what I'm talking about.)
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Llbean has a relaxed fit option .
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"Can you elaborate what you mean by 'stubby legs?'"

I wish I could. I can't really explain. When I laid the pants over another pair of pants that I liked the fit of better, the inseams were the same length, and the leg openings were the same width. But when I looked at myself in the mirror wearing the Lands End pants, my legs just looked funny. Possibly psychological.
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I find it easier to find pants at thrift stores, like Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can find pants that aren't quite in style, and they're all pre-shrunk. I find all my lounging relaxed-fit pants there. Is that an option for you?

Otherwise, JCPenney and Sears seem to have clothes made for normal people, less trendy. Like these, perhaps? The spandex in the pants gives them a much more comfortable feel, even if they're a bit tighter than you'd prefer.
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I wonder if there's some kind of slight taper or ballooning through the knees that you're seeing with the "stubby" pants, a shape thing that's hard to see when the pants are laid out flat. Just trying to think through what could be causing the issue, and that came to mind as something I've noticed in certain women's pants with a more relaxed fit as well.
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2nding Uniqlo. They seem to be moving away from skinny to a more relaxed fit (and some clothes felt very 90s to me). The quality is great, while the prices comparable to Old Navy.
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I see the old classic style all the time at thrift stores.
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This is the kind of pants my brother prefers to wear. Look for working pants brands, like Carhartt and Dickies.

This, along with pants like Wrangler Riggs. The materials are sturdier and the fit looser than more fashionable options, for better or worse.
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My husband is super tall and full figured and LOVES jeans from Target (and they look damn good on him too!). Denizen is the brand. They also make cords. They are not hipster skinny jeans, otherwise he would never hear the end of it from me, including interrogation about his budging man-bun that will never be.

He swears by dress pants from JosAbanks even though they wear out quickly.
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I have become a convert of Duluth Trading company listed above.

They're built for actual humans, and their stuff is generally indestructible.
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You might want to try on a pair of Ben Davis "Original Ben's Pants." They haven't changed the cut in decades. Cotton/Poly blend, they last for years. They look oddly frumpy (to my eye) on their website, but in real life they fit me very well. You can find them to try on at Army/Navy and work clothing stores. Every few years, they do a run of interesting colors (I still kick my self for not buying a pair in canary yellow when they were available), but they always have olive, grey, brown, etc.

I'm n-thing trying pants from Duluth trading company. They're comfortable and very durable.
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