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Does anyone know of a good deal finding website or service? I'm looking something where I can just say I'm looking for a type/category of item and it will scour deals and just give me an updated list I can check on or send me an alert when there's a hot deal.

For example; right now I'm looking to buy a television and with black friday/cyber monday coming up this is probably the perfect time. So I would love a website I could just put in "TV" and it would spit me out the best TV deals when they come up.

All the websites I've tried either seem really sketch/scammy, will only track a specific item (ie one type of TV, not all TVs) or I have to manually search for deals. And then most of the time the deals are old and expired.

Has anyone had good experiences with any of this?
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I use's deal alerts. You can have it only search "Hot Deals" (which is where the good stuff goes), you can have it only alert you if it gets N thumbs up or more (out of 5), you can have it search the subject only or body. Works great! I'm currently using it to watch deals on 3D printers.
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Edit: I guess you can't (anymore?) have it search body and/or subject. I'm honestly not sure what it does, but I think it does both based on an email I got yesterday.
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I used to use DealInk/DealMac which have become DealNews. I haven't used their apps but it finds decent prices on things from retailers you have heard of.
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Slickdeals is really slick and pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Has different notification settings too which is nice. I will now be notified daily by email of good TV deals, and it'll send me a text if there's a super hot deal in TVs. Very cool.

I somehow managed to mess up my registration for DealInk. But browsing it looks like it has really good deals too. Once I get my email sitch figured out it will be a battle of the deal sites!

Thanks everyone :)
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It is Amazon-only, but I have gotten some good deals using the camelcamelcamel tracker. There is a surprising fluctuation in the price of some items over time.
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Some consumer goods like TV's have an obscene amount of variables and model numbers. Not all of them are good. I don't care about Vizio TV's or brands I've never heard of with questionable warranties.

For me, when I was last TV shopping, I poked around places like The Wirecutter and Consumer Reports to figure out what brands and models were in my pricing and size constraints, and set up a dozen alerts at Camel Camel Camel. That was handy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and got me a satisfactory deal.
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