How can I get an amateur radio license while abroad?
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I'm a Canadian (with NL citizenship, if that matters) living abroad in Romania right now. I wonder if there are any easy routes to me getting an amateur radio license. I've wanted one for a long time and I'm competent when it comes to electronics -- I'm just not sure what jurisdiction I should be trying this in, or whether it's possible in English without a lot of travel. Any ideas?
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To get a Canadian license, you can be tested by an accredited volunteer examiner (unlikely there's one in Romania, but who knows?), or travel to a Canadian government office for your test(s). With your background you should easily pass the basic test. The government websites don't mention any citizenship requirement.

Here's a site containing worldwide licensing requirements.

Here's a link to the Romanian Amateur Radio Federation, which should have info on your local requirements.

Good luck with this!
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Do you know where I can find the information on going to a Canadian government office? I didn't see it in the links.
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You might want to contact Radio Amateurs of Canada, which looks to be the equivalent of the US's ARRL. ARRL is a non-gov group that promotes HAM licensing and activities and even arranges exams.

Also, Reddit has a very active HAM sub-Reddit which would be a great place to ask.
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Here's the basic summary from Industry Canada, with a summary of how to take the exam. You can either find a volunteer examiner, or visit an office of Industry Canada.
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"You must reside in Canada to be assigned a Canadian amateur radio certificate. The exam can only be written in Canada. "
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