shapewear specifically to calm a butt down?
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I'm thin, but with a big butt that I'd like to minimize while wearing a particular piece of formal attire. All I can find is shapewear that minimizes tummy, thighs, and hips, while "lifting" the rear. Help!

I can't believe I am asking this. But. Butt. Can anyone recommend a bikeshort style article of shapewear that doesn't proport to enhance the butt while making everything else smaller? Or, barring that, a sort of minimizer-bra-for-the-butt that can be worn under a dress?

"Spanx backwards" doesn't really work.

I know this is preposterous. There is a dress I love that I need to wear to an event, but it would look better and drape better if my butt were slightly smushed in. I'm not talking liposuction amounts--even less than the amount that shapewear smushes a stomach in, but on a butt.
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Have you tried any of the bike short style? Because, while they often promise lift and shaping of the butt, I've never found one that delivers in that respect. They mostly just flatten and smoosh everything in. Maybe bring your dress to a store and try several styles?
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Have you actually tried it with Spanx or similar? I find they smoosh the butt just a bit, despite their claims of lifting.

The ones I like have these key features:
smooth fabric the colour of your skin,
no seams anywhere on the torso,
slightly thicker fabric on the body and thinner fabric on the thighs and bust,
bike shorts legs with no seams at the bottoms,
a crotch split so you can pee while wearing them,
adjustable bra straps so they fit your height smoothly without wrinkling,
and a loose or low cut bust area that doesn't interfere with a bra.

Target has off-brand spanks body suit/shorts like this for about $40; I think they're great even just as a way to avoid panty lines with a clingy outfit.
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(yes, i have tried spanx. They don't work for this. They make my stomach almost concave though)
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I always think of old school girdles for this sort of thing, like your grandma wore (or mine did anyhow). Something that "slims thighs" or "smooths thighs" should also press your butt down a little bit. What you don't want is shaping, I think.
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