Cell phone for handicapped person
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My mother in-law has severe bone on bone arthritis. Needs a new cell phone with actual buttons, large buttons preferably, and not a touch screen.

My mother in-law has severe bone on bone arthritis. He is currently using a large button cell phone, but it is an older 2G model. Their carrier is dropping support for the old 2G technology making the phone non-operable.

The phone is a big button "candy bar" style (non-flip) phone with a docking station. She cannot plug/unplug the cable so a docking station or a long "always on" power cord are our only options.

I have been unable to locate a 3g or 4g bar phone with large physical buttons (not a touch screen) that preferably has a dock. Has anybody else out here been able to locate one?

Thank you for any assistance.
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The Jethro might be what you want.
posted by ananci at 3:00 PM on November 1, 2016

Jitterbug has models that fit your criteria.
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The Jitterbug is specifically made for seniors, with big buttons.
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The docking station might be the deal killer. It's just such a dead species anymore. Otherwise, Jitterbug is the way to go.
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Thanks for the suggestions, so far.

I should have added that her previous phone was a big button flip phone and she could not open it easily, or would push buttons opening it to answer an incoming call. She would also wrap her hand around it and press the number buttons while talking to somebody.

I'll see if the Jitterbug phone mentioned is wide enough to avoid some of the issues.
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GOSO Big Button Phone is an alternate option. GOSOdirect.com.
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A wireless charging add-on plus plate might solve your cord plus dilemma. We
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Do you think you could get her on board with voice commands and wireless charging? "OK Google, call KingJames" doesn't require the use of fingers.
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