What the heck is this thing?
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Asking for a friend, really. Here it is, with a ruler for scale. Metal, iron, but not cast iron I don't think, weighs a pound-ish. We think it might be a paperweight, or maybe some kind of printers tool? She bought it at an estate sale in the Twin Cities Metro.
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Meat tenderizer? Normally they have long handles, but I have a pampered chef one that is shaped like this.
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Meat tenderizer.
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Is it just flat on the bottom? Or some kind of design like a stamp? Maybe the stamp part fell off.
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It really looks like a thing I'm planning to buy which is a weight you can put on your sandwich when it is on the grill.
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My money is on paperweight, specifically "Antique Cast Iron Decorative Desk Paperweight - Rectangle" (link to Google image search results)

The item in question reminds me of a less ornate version of this one.
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Huh.... it looks like maybe it could be part of a check protector?
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Is the bottom flat or is there a groove/lip under there?

If so, it could be the lid of something heavy duty.
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Thanks for the ideas all!
The bottom is not indented around the edges at all, just has those pyramid shapes all over it.

I like the idea of a meat tenderizer, like for veal or something. I hadn't thought about that before.
But, I think paperweight might be the unromantic but correct answer, like mosk suggested.

Maybe I'll tell her it's the lid from a butter urn that was on the Titanic, or that it rode with General Grant in his saddlebag as a talisman of some kind, but he used as a paperweight, too.

You know, punch the story up a bit.

AskMe does it again!
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My grandpa had similar weights he used to keep large pieces of leather flat and to help glue adhere evenly. He was a packrat and not all of his tools were originally for the purpose he used them, but if it's flat on the bottom I'd wager it's a weight for materials heavier than paper.
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A steak weight (to press meat down on the grill) is another possibility. This one has the same bumps on the bottom as yours.
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For those speculating about flat bottom / grooved bottom, there's a second photo at the link, showing the bottom. Scroll down.

It does resemble a meat tenderizer, but those usually work with heavy impact, which would be difficult to apply with this. I'm thinking maybe it's for texturing paper, food, or leather.
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Seconding steak weight.
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