How do I buy this stuff?
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I want to buy Soft & Gentle products, specifically Hair Minimize and Cool Boost. However, I can't buy them online because apparently no one sells them in, or to, the United States. I only see the products on ASDA and Superdrug, and they only have the price in pounds and won't take my zip code.

So is there anything I can do, short of flying to England? Maybe some kind reader could buy the products and mail them to me? I could pay them using Venmo or something.
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I understand your not-in-the-US underarm product quest -- why can't we have decent roll-on (or in your case, spray) antiperspirants here? I found a few sellers of Soft & Gentle on eBay UK that will ship to the US -- none had the 2 variants you mentioned, though. Is it the brand or the specific features you're after? If you just want spraying and cooling action, there's a Nivea Cool Kick for men version that's readily available on US Amazon/eBay, for example. I have seen pore-minimizing and shave-calming variants as well, but none that meet your hair minimizing request.

Also look into parcel forwarding services. I haven't personally used any and thus can't offer a recommendation. They give you a UK address to use when shopping on non-US sites, and then re-ship the package to you. Estimates for shipping 1kg (which would be a fair amount of deo) to the west coast was approx. £20-35.
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Aerosols are going to be a problem: most postal services prohibit them or only permit ground shipping. You'd probably need a friendly human courier flying in from the UK, and even then I'm not sure they'd be able to travel with a bag full of aerosols. Seeing which sprays have already been imported (like that Nivea men's line) is probably your least worst option.
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Thanks, i used a uk parcel shipping service & paid an xtra fee for the aeresol.
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