Help us pick out a digital notepad
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My partner is looking at buying a digital notepad/tablet, but we don't know much about them. Specifically she is interested in the ACECAD DigiMemo 692 from Google suggests that it's a decent piece from a crappy company. Does anyone have any experience with this (or other) digital notepads or this (or other) Canadian suppliers?
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I'm on my second Toshiba TabletPC and I've loved them both. They're durable, powerful, and they've got a great gee whiz factor.
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Verify that TigerDirect is an official reseller of that device in Canada. I bought a Rio Karma from them a couple years ago, and when it came time to get warranty work done, Rio tried to back out of their end of the bargain because TigerDirect was a "Grey market" retailer. TD has GREAT prices (usually)w, but pretty horrendous service. However, none of the other online retailers I know of in Canada (, seem to have that device.
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Becareful with shipping too. I've tried to order smalish stuff from them only to discover than S&H would be more than the item cost (for a $45 dollar item). I've found that it's often cheaper to buy from the States and pay a broker, duties and US shipping than to buy from Tigerdirect in Canada.
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