Seeing's "Similar Tracks"?
October 28, 2016 4:46 PM   Subscribe used to keep an amazing, long list of "similar tracks" for every song. As of a year or two ago, their godawful new interface only shows four. Can full lists still somehow be generated somewhere, and if so where/how?

These generated lists were great. They were so much less superficial and more eclectic, yet somehow also more faithful to the vibe of the original song, than whatever relatedness algorithm services like Pandora or Spotify use. I suspect it was built by analyzing and comparing users' scrobbling patterns. Is this treasure trove gone forever? :(
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echonest do this as a service, but i can't see a way to access it directly as an end-user. it's quite easy to call their api so if you're a programmer you could hack something together....
posted by andrewcooke at 6:28 PM on October 28, 2016 has an api as well.
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