Dishonored 2 Trailer: Live Action + CGI, or Just CGI?
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Alright, I gotta know. Is the live action trailer for Dishonered 2 actually live action + cgi, or is it 100% cgi and should I just give myself over to the computer gods because jfc I can't tell the difference anymore?
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That is definitely live action with CGI, IMO. There's all sorts of very small, human motions (e.g. the actor's hand wavering at crossbow shot at 0:55, the subtle eye movement around 1:25) that I have never seen them get right in pure CGI
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Live Action Trailer seems pretty clear cut to me. If it was CGI, they'd make a big deal of it.
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Mm, I've seen trailers from other games (SWTOR's new expansion packs, for example) being labeled as "live action" when clearly it's CGI with some really excellent mo-capping, so there's more ambiguity lately than before.
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Thirding Live Action, with a very heavy dose of digital shot composition. Even though it's more common these days to show game-engine realism in ads than either Live Action or good ol' Full Motion Video (CG movies which are the imagined-for-realism version of a game engine that wasn't strong on visual realism), Live action still has a great effect when well produced, as I think this really is. I wouldn't want to watch a movie of this, because that level of sustained fake action would get pretty boring.
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Live action. You can tell by the womens make up. They may have tidied up the skin coloring & textures I think but you can see the false eyelash bases in a couple of shots & the way the eyeshadow & eyeliner sits, they almost never get makeup realistic in CGI. It is possible that someone sat there & spent hours making that look that realistic but it would be so much cheaper & easier to hire actors & do it for real then tidy up in post. Also like Zamboni said I suspect if they did such realistic CGI they'd be so proud of it they'd be advertising it as such. Can't wait for the game.
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