I want my shoes to fit just right.
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Problem: I bought a couple pairs of booties. They seemed great at first - and they still are - but I now realize after a couple of wearings that they are both just a *little* too long for me. Enough that the heel slips a bit when I walk. It's just enough to bug me.

Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do?

I've used those gel heel stick-on things in the past, but I'm not a big fan as they tend to come off eventually. I'd like to find a very thin foam insole - once a salesperson at Naturalizers got me to buy a pair of too-large boots with them - but I don't really see them in drug stores.

I've worn the shoes too much already to return them, and anyway my foot is short and wide and the booties are only too long, not too wide. So I'm lucky to find a bootie that fits me at all, and the next size down I likely wouldn't be able to get my foot into.
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I've had good luck with Dr. Scholl's Ultra Thin insoles to stop my foot from sliding forward. The website has links to places you can find them; you might have to order them from someplace like Amazon.
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You might try going back to a specialty shoe store like the place you got the Naturalizers and ask them about insoles for your booties. The drugstore just has the most common items.
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Not discounting the insoles, but when I've had this issue, I put cotton balls in the toe, and use these Pedag Stop Padded Leather Heel grips (the strong adhesive makes them stay on the shoe, and the design makes them hug the heel). Amazon carries insoles made by the same manufacturer.
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Wool roving in the toe box is the traditional answer afaik. It fills the empty space and gives you something soft that will conform to the shape of your toes. This moves your heel back, and voila! No slipping!
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You can also try heel snugs. These were thick for me at first, but they wear down a bit with wear and now they make my boots fit perfectly. My heel doesn't slip anymore. Edited to add: These are really sticky and don't come off.
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Wool would be better than cotton, if you want to try stuffing something in the toes. It will handle the moisture your feet generate better than cotton, and will be less apt to provide a pleasant growth medium for fungi and bacteria.
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You can definitely buy foam insoles in drugstores. I use these when I need to make shoes 1/2 to 1/4 sizes smaller.
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Response by poster: The foam insoles I find in the store are a lot thicker and denser than the ones I mentioned above ... Is there a particular brand?
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A cork tap is one of the best ways to keep your foot from sliding forward in a shoe. Heel snugs aren't always the best option because they push your foot forward out of the heel cup.
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Ok so this is a weird thing I randomly discovered that is awesome for shoes just a tiny bit too big. Ballet shoe toe inserts. Like these from amazon. You only need one pair and can slip them over socks before putting on your shoe.
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Response by poster: I ordered almost all of your suggestions! I'm really excited :)
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You can try a different lacing method
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