What to make with beautiful lemons?
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What should I do with 3 plump, gorgeous, almost radiant lemons?

My brother-in-law grows lemons in his backyard and sent me and my wife three. They're probably the most beautiful lemons I've ever seen and I don't want to waste them by making something in which their excellence will be lost. What can I do to make the most of them? They should also yield up a significant amount of zest, so if you've got ideas for making the most of that, do share.
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Best answer: Tarte au citron! That's what I'd do, at least.

The zest would be lovely as a rub (with garlic, olive oil, rosemary, and salt/pepper) for a roast chicken.
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Checking out this book should give you some ideas.
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Lemon Drop!
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Wash one and cut it into chunks then roast with potatos. Yum.
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Preserve them Morroccan style with lots of salt?
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Lemon pasta.
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Oh, not to be too obvious, but take some photos. For the love of three lemons...
Limoncello... you'll need to get more lemons (like 15..) Google for an authentic Italian recipe using grain alcohol or Everclear (not available in the US, but Canada..) When you drink limoncello on a warm summer evening, these will truly be unforgettable lemons...
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Everclear is certainly available in the US, although not all states. WV is one, you can get it at 7-11s there.
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Vodka and tonic.
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Second the limoncello plan. Many a hot day in Rome was cooled down by the good grace of ice-cold limoncello.
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Make something where you use both the zest and the juice. If you want to be more ambitious and make something to eat rather than drink (although those limoncellos sound damn tasty), you could try making a Lemon Layer Cake. Light, refreshing, and delightfully lemony.
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Mmm...ceviche. Too bad it's not summertime.

Zest up them rinds and add them to your favorite drop cookie recipe.
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Chicken picatta.
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Paint 'em then make roast lemon chicken.
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or: shrimp scampi
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Lemon Curd
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Here's an easier lemon curd recipe my mom gave me. I make it with the amazing Meyer lemons my parents grow:
Lemon Curd
(Recipe from box of C&H Cane Sugar)

1/2 cup butter

Microwave 45 to 60 seconds on 100% power (to melt) … then whisk in:

1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1/3 cup lemon juice (i.e. peel & juice of one large lemon

then whisk in:

1 large egg

Microwave 2 to 4 minutes at 70% power until sauce thickens slightly

Stir twice during cooking.

Serve warm on ice cream or pound cake, refrigerated on toasted English muffins.
With the other two lemons, try a lemon tart or a lemon meringue pie.

One final tip: I find homegrown lemons really hard to zest with my regular zester or grater (they're too soft), so I usually peel them with a vegetable peeler, scrape the pith off the pieces, and then chop them up with a chef's knife.
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Life has given you lemons. You know what you have to do now.
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scody, you read my mind, I thought about lemon tart the instant I saw the question on the front page. Needless to say, I heartily second the suggestion.
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dh65: are you gonna tell us what you decide on?
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Sussex Pond Pudding. Waste nothing...
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Haven't you ever heard the old salt, "when the world gives you lemons..." Well, the world just plunked you down three juicy suckers, get thee to the juicery!
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Gremolata (used in osso buco) = lemon zest, minced garlic, minced parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper.
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Luscious Lemon Desserts
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Response by poster: I think I'm going to go for the tarte au citron. I'll probably use the zest on a roast chicken, perhaps in a gremolata rub. Some of the more summery things I'll try when it warms up. Thanks for the ideas.
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