I have same Apple ID on three devices at home, how to change one id?
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I have a I-Phone and I-Pad I use, my husband got a I-Pad last year and I used same Apple ID on it when in hindsight it would have been better if I had used another Apple ID for him. He has downloaded some apps and I don't want him to lose any of these in a transition. What is smoothest way for me to change his Apple ID on his I-Pad and keep his stuff on there too?

I just don't like him getting my reminders, my photos, my messages, etc I am getting on my devices.
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Best answer: Set him up with a new AppleID, and switch his iPad over to the new account. Then set up Family Sharing per here.

Which gets you a common pool of (most) purchases.
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Switching to a new Apple ID on your accounts (like iMessage) 29!4 delete the apps that you already have under the old ID. But you may sometimes be asked for the password associated with the old ID, for instance if you upgrade the apps.

I'm not familiar with how it works for music.
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Family Sharing will work fine for that, wyzewoman; there are some apps (usually free ones) that don't work with Family Sharing and must be "purchased" (e.g. deleted and re-downloaded) again, but most are fine. Purchases made under one ID can be added to the other individual's iOS devices (App Store --> Purchases --> select the Apple ID to see items paid for by other members of the Family Sharing plan)
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