What's cool this year?
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Last year, for a fundraiser, my organization had a paint-and-wine night. It was very successful and we'd like to do it again, but we're wondering -- is paint-and-wine still a thing, or is it played out? Is there some other X-and-wine activity we should do? Or will paint-and-wine still be a draw?

Everyone I know who was into paint-and-wine last year is tired of it because they have too many paintings. What are the cool kids doing now?
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Some are doing paint and plant with mini terrariums
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Wine-and-terrariums seems popular around Madison, WI.
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Anything and wine will be popular. The painting/terrariums/whatever aren't the draw.
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Here, it's "beer and nude figure drawing." And spelling bees.
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Color Me Mine is similar, but you paint pottery, not a picture.
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Oh man, I am not a fan of paint-and-wine but would TOTALLY go for terrarium-and-wine.

*goes to check local listings for terrarium-and-wine nights*
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Pottery and terrariums are better than painting, IMO. Those paintings usually end up being thrown out or hidden because they often end up being hideous.
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I'm also told that people are still painting, except with coffee as the medium (wine's still the muse), so it's much more forgiving of varying skill levels. This town, good grief.
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I saw a charcoal drawing and beer night advertised at a beer pub. The charcoal drawings were nicer looking than the typical paintings. There's also holiday crafting nights.
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Escape rooms.
We just did one and it was a blast. My daughter's company is doing it as part of their xmas party.
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Scavenger hunts sound cliché, but also fun.

Most successful fund raiser I've known: a local small museum got local celebrities, artists, and supporters to volunteer to paint anything they wanted on, or otherwise decorated, a (provided) 8x8 inch canvas, following a theme -- every contribution had to include a heart (this was in Chapel Hill; lots of people ignored the theme and just did whatever they wanted).

The results were amazing; even if the individual work was only so-so, it was small and fun and people wanted it. Moreover, the impression of all of them together was really stunning.

The works were auctioned off at a dinner/silent auction and it was hugely successful.
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Weaving or Macrame with wine, tea, or coffee
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