Film Filter Question: Naked People and One Man's Journey
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I'm trying to remember a movie I saw maybe ten years ago that was two different threads: one involved a man who traveled a lot, had various affairs, and eventually reconnected with his wife. The other involved a white woman and a black man awakening in a Garden of Eden and exploring their new surroundings!

Details I remember:

The man in his travels during the movie spent a lot of time in Africa out on the savanna. I think he was some kind of photographer. While he and his guide were driving along out in the bush, they ran into a tribesman and left him for dead? This part isn't clear to me and I may be confusing it with another movie. In the end, the man went home and reconnected with his wife for a happy ending.

The actor who plays the man is a Brit actor whom I'm sure I recognized at the time. Not a big time actor, but well known. I think he had blond hair.

Interspersed throughout the movie were segments of the man and woman in Eden. These segments were in black and white or maybe sepia. They started out rising out of the water of a pond (I think). They did other things as they explored their new world, including standing in the water and discovering the joy of urinating. I am not sure, but I think they ended up discovering civilization as we know it. In the end, their part of the movie was supposed to some kind of symbolic metaphor for the man of the main thread's sexual travails. Or something.

The naked man and woman were unknown to me.

You all usually answer my questions like this within one or two replies, so I have great faith in you!
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The Loss of Sexual Innocence?
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This is almost certainly The Loss of Sexual Innocence.
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Thanks to you both. You've got it.
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