name some living ex-cons who later became millionaire entrepreneurs
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I'm looking for people out there currently who made a felony criminal mistake, served their time in prison, and later (today) became successful entrepreneurs. While I know there are probably a lot in music, film and TV, I'm also looking for the ones in OTHER industries.
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It's TV-adjacent, but Don King stomped someone to death, went to prison for four years, and became the most important person in boxing for decades.
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Mark Wahlberg comes to mind most immediately.
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Conbody comes to mind. Don't think he's a millionaire, but definitely entrepreneur. There was also a Startup podcast on his business.
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Frank Abagnale is probably one of the more famous cases of this.
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Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread was in prison, and has had some trouble on and off with the law since the success of the bread line too. I don't know how far spread the Dave's Killer Bread line is, but it's very popular in Portland, Oregon.
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Roger "Bitcoin Jesus" Ver.
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Tim Allen. Sorry, see that you were looking for non-show biz turnarounds. Uh, hope you enjoy the mustache?
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Kevin Mitnick's net worth was reported as $11 million in 2012 according to this website of possibly questionable accuracy.

(my first thought, naturally, was Martha, but she was a millionaire before the felony)
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Danny Trejo appears to have a net worth of $16M.
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My brother used to work for a telecom company founded by an ex-convict drug dealer/distributor after he got out of prison. Allegedly, investors included "undisclosed sources in Colombia," and there were going to be "challenges" with having an IPO, and the company ended up failing spectacularly in ~2001. I'm not sure this meets all your criteria, but I think this sort of thing might be more common than one would expect.
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Shon Hopwood - not sure about his net worth, but his successful jailhouse lawyering led him to become a lawyer after release, to teach at Georgetown, and to write a successful and well-received memoir.
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Business Insider has a pretty decent list.

(BTW, your question history is wouldn't be a professional listicle writer by any chance?)
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Huh. Business Insider didn't mention Henry Blodget. Wonder why.
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I don't know what his net worth is, but the founder of "Prison Bars" learned his cooking skill while doing time.
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Haha, touche. I suppose technically Blodget was never convicted of a crime; he was only ever charged in civil court.
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not sure about felony part, but maybe Khalil Rafiti, founder of the SunLife Organics chain
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