Culture Day in Tokyo
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Help me figure out what we should be doing on or around the week of Culture Day in Tokyo.

My friends and I are traveling to Japan this weekend (Oct 28), and will be staying there for a week up until November 5. We've been to Tokyo at least once before, early this year, so not really newbies in terms of trying to get around.

Now, November 3 is apparently a national holiday, Culture Day (文化の日), and I was wondering whether there are any interesting events or goings-on we should take note of in and around Tokyo that relate to Culture Day. Should we be going to a specific museum, or park, or any other venue that has a lot of activities related to the holiday? Is admission free for museums or any other locations on that date? Should we avoid certain areas because of them being extremely crowded during the holiday?

We do know of the ongoing exhibit by the Detroit Institute of Arts at the Ueno no Mori Museum up until January, so that's one place we might end up going to. Any experiences traversing this holiday, or any specific suggestions on where else might be of note on or around the timeframe mentioned above, are welcome.
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I'm going next weekend too! The only thing I've found for Culture Day is the exhibits at Meiji Jingu shrine: . There's a ceremony for the Emperor's Birthday at 10 AM and various arts and martial arts presentations through the day. I'm guessing it will be busy, but worth checking out.
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Best answer: Among the Meiji Jingu events listed above, I would particularly recommend the Yabusame (horseback archery) demonstration - it's quite impressive.

Tokyo Design Week starts tomorrow and runs through November 7:

If you like craft beers, the Oedo Beer Festival is running through this weekend:

There's a musical instruments fair at Tokyo Big Sight:

There's an exhibition of the work of the Wonderwall architectural firm at Archi-Depot gallery:

Most national holidays in Japan are kind of interchangeable, just a day off from work. Places like museums, aquariums, amusement parks and cat cafes will be crowded, so you might want to go to them on a weekday instead.
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