Best resources for cheap flexible last-minute travel?
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Which resources should I be using to find high-value/low-cost flights/hotels if I don't have a particular destination in mind? Looking to take a short trip from NYC for a couple of days next week and go someplace new or different (to me). Do airlines have last-minute just fill some seat deals for those of us who don't travel enough to have any status? Do you have specific ideas for easy and inexpensive escapes from NYC at the end of October?
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Best answer: This won't work as well for "leave tomorrow" type travel, but you may be able to find things like that as well. It works perfectly for "I want to go somewhere within the next few weeks" travel.

Also look on airline websites. For example Jet Blue currently has fares in the $100 per way range to go to Puerto Rico or Turks and Caicos if you want to go during the week of 11/6.

I'm not sure if there's a way to get even cheaper travel if you literally want to go next week, or with only a few days' notice. In googling this, I found that Expedia has a "last minute travel" section of their website, but none of the deals it lists are as good as that $103 to Puerto Rico thing I found. To me $150 from Los Angeles to Denver is not a deal, that sounds more like roughly how much it should cost. However, if you're looking to avoid inflated ticket prices and you really have to get away next week, it's not exactly terrible.
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Best answer: I think there are few sites that map fares, seems like a good interface. ITA is the company that many are based, although a less friendly interface. Priceline may have good hotel rates.
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Best answer: Maybe try, which has an "everywhere" option as a destination and will give you the cheapest flights that for that day.
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